Landscape Services

Do you need landscape design and installation services? We offer professional residential and commercial landscape design and installation services, including lighting, paver patios, walks and drives, retaining walls, seat walls, landings and steps, drainage, and water features.

Landscape Design & Installation

Bellinger’s has been providing residential and commercial professional landscape design services for over thirty years in the Greater Lafayette Area. We have several comprehensive design options tailored to each and every client’s unique needs for their home or business. Full landscape installation service is provided from the ground up. 

  • Landscape Design Service

    Landscape Design

    Landscape Consultation

    We provide an hour long consultation where we determine your wants and needs and assess the property in order to create a personalized design, as well as provide additional ideas and recommendations.

    Landscape Design and Review

    We create a computer-drafted design based on the information we gathered at the consultation. We then provide an in-office appointment to review the design and make any changes, if needed. We can also provide a quote on installation services at this time.

    Landscape Master Plan

    We provide a fully color rendered landscape design, plant care guide, and installation quote tailored specifically to you.

  • Landscape Installation Service

    Landscape Installation

    The critical aspects of a properly installed landscape are quality plant material, expert craftsmanship, and understanding of nature. Bellinger’s employs the area’s best landscape technicians and skilled workers, because the best-laid plans are, in the end, determined by the installation craftsmen.

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Installation Services

  • home landscape accentuated by outdoor lighting

    Landscape Lighting

    Custom designed, low voltage, low running cost lighting systems reveal the hidden beauty of your home or business and therefore can add greatly to safety, security and value.

    In addition, lighting adds a new dimension to your landscape, makes your home stand out in your neighborhood, improves safety and security, and expands your outdoor entertaining options. We offer a full line of products including decorative path lights, accent lights, transformers, and accessories.

  • Paver Patios, Walks, and Drives Service

    Paver Patios, Walks, and Drives

    Create an elegant atmosphere for your outdoor living and entertaining areas. Because the beauty and durability of brick pavers is unmatched! Hardscaping continues to be one of the most popular landscaping elements requested by our customers. At Bellinger’s, we pride ourselves in making every project unique often installing inlays, borders, and patterns not seen on any other project. If you can dream it, we can do it.

    Because our expert designers and stone craftsmen have extensive knowledge working with all types of materials, ranging from brick pavers to flagstone, they continuously wow our clients with their craft. So if you’re ready, call now to learn more about Bellinger’s custom Hardscaping!

  • Retaining Walls, Seat Walls, Landings & Steps Service

    Retaining Walls, Seat Walls, Landings & Steps

    Define your outdoor space and bring symmetry between the house and garden with hard elements. As a result, give your landscape distinction with retaining walls, stonescapes, and outdoor structures. Because when designed with vision and style, hardscapes create functionality while beautifying the architecture of your home.

    Bellinger’s offers the look of natural stone, outstanding retaining characteristics and design flexibility for your retaining wall needs. Whether your plans call for natural stone, constructing curved walls, seat walls, planters, or steps, we combine practical needs with aesthetics and durability for your walls.

  • Water Features Service

    Water Features

    Bellinger’s can create an instant escape from the stress of everyday life, with a custom pond, waterfall, stream, or fountain. Our water features are designed exclusively by Bellinger’s. We bring unique concepts alive with natural stone material and water plants. Let us join together your interests with the beauty of nature.

    Outdoor fountains make a graceful statement about a home because they create a pleasing and welcoming ambiance. They serve as a great camouflage to traffic noise, humming air-conditioners, and heavy machinery. They also enhance the architectural style of your home.

  • Drainage Service


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