Maintenance Services

Our maintenance division is known for its quality and attention to detail. The professionally trained staff work with you to create the perfect all-season maintenance program for your property and lifestyle. Because we provide regular maintenance visits and seasonal services, your plants and landscape will stay healthy and look great all year long.

Seasonal Maintenance Services

We offer a variety seasonal services for spring cleanup, commercial and residential mowing throughout the growing season, fall cleanup and leaf removal, as well as snow removal in the winter.

  • Spring Cleanup Service

    Spring Cleanup

    Offered in late winter / early spring.

    Because of winter wear and tear, we will rejuvenate your landscape for the growing season. A Spring Clean Up consists of cleaning and mulching your landscape beds. In addition, we prune perennials, as seasonally recommended. Your landscape will be fresh and prepared for greener days.

  • Lawn Mowing Service

    Lawn Mowing

    Service offered during Turf Growing Season.

    Because our priority is to maintain the beauty and health of your property, our mowing and trimming teams treat your lawn with care and leave your property clean and pristine every visit. This service can be paired with Leaf Removal Services in the Fall, so your lawn will stay tidy and leaf-free.

  • Fall Cleanup Service

    Fall Cleanup

    Service begins in October.

    Fall Clean Up service prepares all features of your landscape for winter. Fall Clean Up service includes clearing landscape of overgrowth, cleaning out beds, pruning of shrubs, and cutback of your perennials as needed. An optional light dusting of mulch on all planting beds can complete the service.

    Leaf Removal Services

    Offered in October and November.

    We remove all leaves from landscape beds and lawn areas.

  • Snow Removal Service

    Snow Removal

    Service begins in Winter.

    We will plow, shovel, and/or apply ice melt. Snow removal is on a contractual basis with our clients. Billing for this service is done on a time and material basis with our clients as part of our comprehensive All-Season Maintenance program.

Whether you need season specific or year-round maintenance services, call Bellinger's!

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Other Maintenance Services

  • Mulching Service



    Have Bellinger’s install your bark mulch with its state-of-the-art bark blower. Having your mulch blown in, is less expensive, more efficient, and faster. Blown-in mulch gives a much nicer final appearance than hand spread, puts mulch in those hard-to-reach areas and can all be done with no wear and tear on your lawn. Call Bellinger’s today for a Free Quote and let us show you how we can save you time and money.

    Bellinger’s sells a variety of mulches to enhance your landscape or to cushion your playground. Mulches are sold in bulk or can be installed with our state-of-the-art bark blowing truck. Mulches range in price depending on the type, quality, quantity, and color which best fits your needs.

  • Wood Chips Service

    Wood Chips

    Bellinger's Select

    Size: 1/2" to 1 1/2"

    A medium-fine texture, color enhanced hardwood blend, chocolate brown which holds its color for 6-8 months. Our most popular mulch which gives landscape beds a long lasting rich look.

    Natural Hardwood

    Size: 1/2" to 1 1/2"

    A medium texture, natural earthy tones. Gives landscape a natural and organic look.

    Playground Mulch

    Size: Playground Chip

    Mulch used for schools, daycare centers, church playgrounds, home play grounds and community parks. All material is State approved to meet ADA & ASTM specifications.

  • Pond Management & Maintenance Service

    Pond Management & Maintenance

    We also offer pond management and maintenance services. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Aquatic Weed Management
      • Emergent weeds
      • Rooted floating weeds
      • Submersed weeds
      • Free floating weeds (ex. duckweed)
      • Algae management
    • Pond and lake colorant
    • Cattail management and removal
    • Invasive aquatic weed identification and management
    • Canadian geese management
    • Pond aerator and fountain services
    • Winterization

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