Tree Services

Bellinger’s Tree Care, LLC is the area’s premiere expert in the care of trees. Our staff of ISA Certified Arborists will evaluate your trees and answer your difficult tree questions. We are knowledgeable, safe, and hard working because when it comes to your trees, it has to be done right.

We offer a variety of tree services from care, removal, transplanting as well as operating a tree nursery.

Tree Services

  • Fallen tree after a storm.

    Emergency Storm Damage

    We offer fallen tree and branch cleanup from storm damage!

    Our 24-hour emergency contact number is (765) 701-7464.

    Call (765) 701-7464

    Emergency Rates Apply.

  • Bellinger's arborist pruning a tree

    Tree Pruning

    Pruning keeps landscape investments beautiful and healthy. It ensures plants’ health and increase plants’ bloom potential with a few well-timed visits. This service is scheduled as horticulturally recommended for each tree and shrub species.

    Tree pruning is done best in winter, during your tree’s dormant months. We prune Flowering Shrubs after blooming periods, because it is best to wait until the flowers have bloomed.

  • Tree Removal Service

    Tree Removal

    There may come a day when you must deal with tree removal. Trust your tree and property to the experts at Bellinger’s Tree Care.

    Removal jobs can be tricky due to power lines, proximity to structures, small work zones or the large size of the tree. Many other factors add ‘degrees of difficulty’ for your removal project. We are experienced and have specialized equipment necessary to safely and efficiently remove, even the most difficultly located, trees.

    Bellinger’s will take all the wood and brush with us. However, if you can use any of the wood or brush from the tree, that can lower your cost.

    We work hard to protect your property and clean up after we are done.

    For your protection, we are fully insured and bonded.

    Don’t forget, the job is not done until the stump is gone.

  • Tree Transplanting Service

    Tree Transplanting

    Bellinger’s is uniquely equipped with six different tree spades and has the capability to transplant a tree up to 10 inches in diameter on site or to another location.

    Bellinger’s has been moving trees for over 30 years. Whether you are after a large or small tree from our tree nursery with over 140 varieties or want an existing tree transplanted on site or to another location, Bellinger’s is your tree transplanting expert which can provide the skill, the proper equipment, expertise, and care.

  • Tree Health Assessment Service

    Tree Health Assessment

    Three things are crucial for landscape management. Observation, assessment, and communication of your plant health needs. After all, a healthy landscape is a happy landscape, and therefore, a great investment. In other words, your landscape must be healthy. But how do you know if it’s healthy or not? Where do you begin? After all, this is Mother Nature we are dealing with.

    Our skilled staff use time-tested techniques, as well as cutting edge technologies; and therefore, we are leaders in effective solutions. Specialists will begin by observing changes in your plants. They will also assess them. As a result, they can communicate with you the most effective plan.

    Let us help you today, after all, managing nutrition, defending against insect damage, and minimizing disease is what we are known for!

  • Tree Nursery & Sales Service

    Tree Nursery & Sales

    Buy your trees locally!

    Bellinger’s has over 20,000 trees and 140 varieties ranging in size from 1.5” to 10”. We grow only the most current and popular varieties in production. All trees are FOR SALE and available to the general public. So call for an appointment any time of the year!

    Bellinger’s Tree Nursery offers all of the popular and colorful new hybrid trees, along with all of your traditional favorites. In addition, we have many specimen trees for a focal point in your landscape.

    We have competitive pricing! There is no "middle man," because we are the grower! Our trees are hardy for Indiana's climate and soil conditions.

  • Tree Fertilization Service

    Tree Fertilization

Problematic Limbs? Sick Tree? Looking for a Tree?

When you think trees, think Bellinger's. Call us today!

Call Us at (765) 572-2241

Tree Care Services

  • Cabling & Bracing

    Stabilization of some hazards caused by poor tree structure.

  • Root Collar Excavation

    Performed to inspect, and when possible, reduce the ill effects of stem girdling roots. Stem girdling roots are a very common cause of premature decline and death of trees in the urban forest.

  • Lightning Protection Service

    Lightning Protection

    Commonly done for very old, historic trees.

  • Emerald Ash Borer Service

    Emerald Ash Borer

    Protect your ash today!

    Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) is an invasive insect in the United States. It has killed millions of ash trees since it was first discovered in 2002 in Southeast Michigan. As a result, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana an integrated pest management program will be critical to the health and survival of the Ash species through 2020. For detailed information from leading research groups on this subject, we recommend you visit Bellinger’s is the tree care leader in the Greater Lafayette area. We have been providing protective insecticide options for owners of ash trees since 2007. Because of our experience using the latest technologies and our knowledge, we will help you make an informed decision regarding the care of your ash tree.

  • Stump Grinding

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